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Why you should own an air fryer

You want to buy an air fryer – but what are the actual benefits? Air fryers are exceptionally versatile, able to cook a wide variety of food, from French fries to frozen chicken fingers, and more. That makes them great for small kitchens or for those who like to make meals in a hurry (which is all of us at this point, right?). Before you make your buy, we’re here to help you understand the other risks and rewards of this device, so you can decide if it’s perfect for you.


This is the new ‘happening’ way to fry food. Rather than dropping your goods in boiling oil, they’re cooked by heated air. Furthermore, it is a much safer device. Oil-based cooking has a high chance of grease fires being a possibility, and oil burns can result in awful scalding or third-degree burns. To a lesser extent, there’s always the smell of old oil that stinks up the house. When cooking with air, these problems are almost entirely alleviated.


The biggest selling point with air fryers like the Cuisinart Toaster Oven Air Fryer is how good they are health-wise. Because they use substantially less oil than a standard deep fryer, air fryers are much better for your health, drastically cutting down total fat intake. The devices cannot completely remove it, as it requires a small amount of oil in order to function. However, a shallow coating of oil on the food will allow it to cook more evenly as well as will make it crispier. Finally, oil is not necessarily a negative thing, as olive oil and avocado oil are what are considered “good” fats. They give energy and allow for increased mobility. Ultimately, while they don’t completely cut out all oil, they leave you with just the right amount.

Simple to Use

Often times, people complain about how complex or difficult to use cooking devices can be. There are always a variety of buttons and dials that get confusing, especially for new users, and when you’re dealing with extreme heat – mixing up the details isn’t good! Air fryers aren’t like that. They function similarly to a microwave, featuring a temperature setting, a few timer pre-sets, manual timers, and a plethora of different trays and racks that allow for quick and easy cleanup!


A kitchen is no place for a one-job-only kind of device. That is why air fryers are so amazing. They’re not just great for frozen chicken fingers; amazingly, larger models are able to fit muffins and cakes when adjusted to the proper setting. Furthermore, you are able to fry raw potatoes that have properly been dressed, or bake egg breakfast cups. The possibilities are almost endless, and they don’t stop there! There are several recipes that have been altered online to suit air fryers, so with this option, you can forget about your oven, microwave, or other cooking machines – just make the fryer your one-stop-shop.

Easy to Clean

A common issue with devices like this is how hard they are to clean. Usually there are a lot of different pieces and they’re not always machine-washable. Most air fryers do not have that issue. Check the latest reviews on this page to see how each of these clean. These appliances contain only a few pieces, a couple of trays, and the outer shell, usually made from machine washable materials! In addition, non-stick plastic or metal makes it easy to manage the device. Finally, it should be noted that different models are made of different materials. Some are more machine washable than others, so you’ll need to be careful.


Because it uses significantly less oil, this results in much less waste when the frying process is complete. It also is capable of cooking significantly faster than standard convection ovens, and because of the style of the trays, the food is much less likely to stick. Due to the lack of oil, it is much easier to maintain. You won’t have to worry about keeping it seasoned as you would with cast iron, or worry about the plastic or metal tarnishing for nearly as long, provided you don’t leave it submerged in water for an extended period of time.


There are a wide variety of different models made to fit different houses and different consumers. While some may choose to follow close recipes and prefer not to use a timer, others may instead choose to set a timer and forget about it. They also feature a wide variety of settings and buttons and dials. Some are simply devices meant to accomplish a task whereas others are more able to do a much wider variety of tasks. Ultimately it depends on your budget. A more advanced device will be a much higher price, whereas a simpler device will be much cheaper.


Air fryers heat from room temperature to over three hundred degrees Fahrenheit in less than three minutes! This results in a drastically cut cooking time. When frying in oil, you have to wait for the oil to heat up, and keep watch over to make sure it doesn’t overheat. This can be extremely time-consuming, depending on how much oil is used and what kind of oil is used. With air frying, that is no longer an issue! You can simply turn on the heat, add your food, and let it do the job for you.


Air fryers are amazing devices that feature a plethora of benefits. From being able to heat up extremely fast to being able to be cleaned extremely easily, there really is no real reason not to own one! Furthermore, they will cut back on the more unhealthy oils that plague most fried foods, allowing you to focus on the healthy food. It is extremely versatile, able to cook a wide variety of foods and coming in a huge array of makes and models to fit any home, our recommendation is the Ninja AF101 see that here. Air fryers will make a great addition to any home, and will allow you to make an amazing assortment of food.

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