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Philips XXL Airfryer Review – HD9650/99 Viva Collection

Overall Ratings


We’ve tested lots of air fryer models and this is the only model that consistently cooks large meals easily. Effortless setup and amazing build quality ensure that this is the top air fryer on the market.

The Philips XXL Airfryer HD9650/99 Viva Collection XXL is one of the many air fryers in the market created to help you cook and eat healthier. By air-heating, it dramatically reduces the amount of oil required while giving you the experience of a modern gadget. 

But what makes the Viva Collection XXL unique is the jumbo size of the frying basket allowing you to cook for a large family. If you have a family of 4 or more, the large size is especially useful since you won’t have fry in batches. This model is not to be confused with the Philips XL Airfryer which is a smaller and older version of the air fryer.


The Philips Airfryer XXL can fry around 3.08 pounds of fries in one session and the frying basket has a total capacity of 0.9 gallons, It is powered with a 2225 watt engine and it can reach a maximum temperature of 200C. The air fryer is heavy at 8kg with a 40-inch cable with it. 


The frying basket is a bit wider and higher than the XL version which means you can fit a bigger chicken or a taller bell-pepper in the former. At the rear of the machine, you can see a compartment to store the cable. This is great for people like us who don’t like wires lying around, taking up extra space. 


You can remove the mesh from the basket making it easy to clean. The basket also has rubber feet so you can place it when it’s cooled down on your kitchen counter without scratching its surface.


The pen holding the frying basket features a unique star shape which is patented by Philips. The company claims that this helps optimize the hot air circulation inside the air. The bottom star is covered by a removable plastic element which also makes it convenient and easy to clean. We think this is an awesome feature since it prevents oils and fats from splashing around in the air fryer.


The Airfryer is made of durable and strong plastic and has a glossy black finish. This means that fingerprints and smudges will show up easily though. It has a nice, wide display with orange digital numbers that is clear to read. It also displays settings for a timer and temperature. It also has a rotating analog button to adjust settings. You can change settings by rotating the knob and accepting it by pressing it. 


There is also an option to choose from pre-programmed settings for all kinds of foods. There is a preset for fries, chicken, fish and so on. There is a button to keep food warm for longer periods of time. This often happens to us and we’re sure even with you- a family member ends arriving late and dinner goes cold by then. This feature is very useful in such cases and everyone will get hot food no matter when they arrive.  


An interesting feature is that there is an edge around the top of the fryer which is useful for the airflow which does not exist in the XL or previous models. The downside of this edge is that crumbs and dust can accumulate which can be difficult to clean.


You can extend the capabilities with extra attachments but of course, you’ll have to shell out more for it. We really like the grill pan that helps grill steaks, salmon and even vegetables. There’s the grill rack which creates layers in the fryer which lets you make use of the XXL space.


Smart Sensing Technology 

This technology by Philips makes cooking simple by setting up the time and temperature settings for you. All you will have to do is add food to the frying basket and select the program. That’s it! Since it’s Philips, we can be assured that these smart settings are based on extensive research. The ‘Smart chef’ program includes settings for chicken, chicken drumsticks, frozen and fresh fries, and fish.

Twin-Turbo Star Technology

The twin technology uses a combination of heater and motor to swirl hot air almost like a tornado. This is said to create a ‘Maillard’ which forms a crispy, darkened layer around your food. This is the secret sauce of any Philips air fryer and is the reason why it can mimic the texture and taste of fried foods.

Superior Rapid Air Technology 

The bottom of the machine features a “starfish” design for a good reason. This allows the optimal heat distribution of superheated air and also keeps it moving fast. This also helps the food get its crispy taste and texture.

Fat Removal Technology 

Philips claims that the Airfryer XXL cooks meals with 90% less fat than a conventional Philips fryer. This means when you’re cooking fries, for example, you will find oil collected at the bottom of the Airfryer tray. We love this feature because the benefit is two-fold. Not only do you not need to use a lot of oil while cooking, the XXL machine actually expels out fat from your food.

NutriU app for recipe inspirations

The Air fryer comes with a recipe book with about 30 recipes with pictures. Philips has come up with an incredibly useful Nutri-U app that has more ideas and recipes for the air fryer. The app has over 200 recipes of different cuisines from appetizers to dessert, European to Asian dishes. It has a fun collaborative aspect where you can share your culinary creations and save inspirations.

Keep warm function

The Keep Warm function lets you keep the cooked food warm inside the basket for up to 30 minutes. We’d recommend this feature only for grilled meats and dessert. Non-fried items tend to lose their crispness if kept inside for long. 

Save your favorite settings

This feature is useful if you cook a certain dish very often. The Philips XXL allows you to save the temperature and time required to cook a dish. So that the next time you want to cook it, you can simply load it from settings.


Although the term air fryer gives off the impression that you can only fry food in it, it actually isn’t true! We experimented with the gadget and found that we could bake, grill and roast food like chicken, potato, vegetables, fish fillets, pork chops, and cupcakes.


The XXL air fryer has a lot of parts that help it function better. Of course, they’re dishwasher safe but sometimes food can get stuck and will need handwashing. This is a bit cumbersome to wash and you’ll have to be careful to not damage the thin metal.

The appliance stays true to its name as it is heavy and occupies more space than previous models. It’s turbo speed features and extra parts make the machine noisy to operate. This is not a major deal-breaker considering its pros!

The temperature dial could be made simpler. The numbers are displayed in increments of 75 degrees and you’ll find tiny dots in front of some number labels. So it’s not very clear what temperature the oven is operating in. As the dial rotates, only one number is fully visible above the fryer’s top surface.


  • Great for healthier fried foods 
  • Also does a decent job in making desserts, grills, steamed vegetables, roasts and broiled foods
  • Food comes out quite crispy and evenly cooked thanks to the Twin Turbo technology 
  • You can cook larger foods at a time, like an entire chicken
  • While we can’t be sure that 75% of the fat from foods is removed, we can say that fried foods were much less greasy compared to other air fryers
  • 1-year warranty
  • Hard to wash all parts by hand
  • The fan that circulates the air in the fryer can get loud at times
  • On the expensive side of air fryers

Experience With The VIVA Collection Airfryer XXL

We fired up the app and tried a few light bites including chicken tenders, fried garlic mushroom, and fiery drumsticks. After a basic prep, we adjusted the air fryer settings with a push of the dial. The app has a timer which lets us know how long to run the XXL and when the time would be up. All-in-all, pretty easy to cook.

When it came to taste, the air-fried snacks did not fall short, considering the minimal amount of oil we had used. Of course, the golden color of the crust could not be compared to oil-fried ones but the crunch was very similar to the latter. 

We did notice that the crispiness did not last very long and the meat would become tough in about 30 mins or so. So we recommend that you eat the cooked dish while it’s hot or that you use the keep warm option. This problem only arises with fried goods and you won’t have this issue with grilled food.

Another point to note is that- sometimes the air fryer may cook the dish even faster than on your stove, so definitely check the food inside every now and then till you get the hang of it. For smaller foods like chips, you will need to give the basket an occasional toss for even heating.


If you want to fry two bags of french fries at the same time or cook a whole chicken without the grease and the fat, the Philips Airfryer XXL is a great choice for you! But if you’re a cook who rarely fries or only cooks for 1-2 people, there are other air fryer models to choose from. While we cannot say that this is a budget appliance, we can attest to its good quality build and sturdiness.