OMORC Air Fryer Review 2020 | Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

OMORC Air Fryer Review

Having healthy and varied weekday meals isn’t as easy to achieve as it sounds with the realities of modern life. Gone are the days where you had time to slave over preparing a fresh meal every evening, especially as convenience is much more appealing than health after a long day at the office. Unfortunately though, convenient food is usually unhealthy and expensive. The latest kitchen appliance trend, air fryers, are a perfect solution to the weekly cooking hassle. These ‘mini ovens’ use superheated air (not oil) to cook your food quickly and easily. The fact you don’t need oil makes air frying a great alternative to deep frying, but with the same tasty outcome. In this review, I will look at the OMORC air fryer, and help you decide if its the one for you.

What is the OMORC Air Fryer

The OMORC Air Fryer is large and easy to use and can serve up to 8 people. OMORC creates appliances to support healthy diets such as juicers, blenders, food processors and air fryers. Its focus on health means their air fryer reduces oil content in food by 85% compared to traditional frying methods. 



Capacity 6QT(For 2-8 People)
Size/ Cook Fries XL Moderate/3-4 Bags(3/4 lb.)
Control Method Upgraded Sensitive Mirror LCD Touchscreen
Presets 7-14 Presets
Wattage 1700W
Launch time/ Model Aug. 2019 / New Trend Stainless Steel Air Fryer & Upgraded Air Circulation Tech
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Auto Shut Off Yes
FDA Certified and PFOA free Yes
Recipes Included Yes


  • Feed 2-8 people
  • Removable fryer basket use non-stick coating, easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe parts: fry basket & fry pot. Basket Dimension: 9. 1*9. 4*4. 5 in. Dishwasher Safe. 180°F-400°F, 120V, 1800W.
  • Touch screen and Knob combine control to make operation easier. It saves half the time compared to traditional ovens, but the food surface is crisper and more juicy inside. Only takes 15 minutes to cook 1. 1 lbs French Fries.
  • 2 year guarantee and lifetime support 
  • Recipes included

What are the results?

The great thing about air fryers is that food comes out exactly as it would if it was deep fried, and the ORMOC doesn’t disappoint. All of the recipes I’ve  tried so far have been crispy and textured just as you’d expect from a deep fat fryer. Due to the rising popularity of air fryers, there are loads of recipes online and social media so you can find inspiration really easily and can vary from health conscious to indulgent ideas.


The average star rating on Amazon reviews for this air fryer is 4.6. There’s over 1000 reviews on Amazon and I’ve sifted through them so you don’t have to:

The reviews are 99% positive, which I’m not surprised about given how impressed I’ve been with the product myself. How intuitive it is to use is a big selling point for ORMOC, the touchscreen design makes the appliance user friendly, reducing the amount of effort it takes to cook even more! The fact that it can feed 2-8 people means its really versatile, which is mentioned a lot in amazon reviews, people have successfully cooked whole pizzas and whole chickens, with very minimal effort. 

There are a few complaints that the recipe book is underwhelming and suggests the wrong temperatures or timing, but there’s loads available online if you find that to be the case, A lot of people also mentioned that the fryer is bigger than they were expecting, so double check the dimensions before you buy.

How to buy 

Price: $78.99 (around £60)

Returns policy: Free amazon returns

Guarantees: 2 year guarantee with manufacturer

Discounts: Amazon Prime


I would definitely recommend this air fryer. The amazon reviews are beaming and having used it, I can see why. The size of the fryer makes it perfect for cooking for large groups/ parties and its touchscreen display means using it is quick and easy, with incredible results. It also comes in 3 different colours (black, blue, red), so its not only convenient, but a stylish addition to your kitchen.

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