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Deep fat fryers vs air fryers


You love the great taste of food that has been deep-fried. But, you have also heard about air frying and how food cooked that way can be better for you. Before you go out and spend your money, here is the low-down on deep fryers v air fryers.

The Appliance Differences

A deep fat fryer comprises a round or sometimes rectangular box with compartment that holds the oil, a heat source, frying basket and temperature gauge.

Air fryers are lidded and usual round or oval in shape. They too have a frying basket and the heat that is generated is circulated around the appliance by a fan.

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer Cost

You can buy a deep fat fryer from around $20. Even a basic air fryer will cost you double that, with the Philips XL air fryer the pick of the bunch.

An air fryer is a more complicated piece of equipment than a deep fat fryer, so there is more to go wrong.

Replacing the used oil in your deep fat fryer is costly, particularly as the recommendation is to only use cooking oil once. By switching to air frying, savings can mount up. See our best air fryers here to see our latest reviews.


Because it is immersed in oil and absorbs some of it, deep fried food has as much as twice the calorific value of the same food cooker in an air fryer.

If you are trying to avoid food with a high fat content an air fryer would be a better option for you. For example, air fried chips have less than 20% of the fat of deep-fried ones.


Some people dream about the taste of deep-fried chicken wings, Indian pakoras and twice fried chips. While you can produce delicious, tasty food in an air fryer, it can’t reproduce that unique taste of deep-fried offerings. So, if you think there is nothing like a well-battered fillet of cod, an air fryer might disappoint.

Speed of Cooking

Once the oil in your deep fat fryer has reached the correct temperature for the food you are making, cooking doesn’t take very long.

There is a limit to how much your deep-frying basket will hold and if you put too much in, food will stick together and make a stodgy mess.

Cooking is slower with an air fryer, but you may be able to cook more items together than you can when you are deep-frying in an appliance suitable for home use. We’ve included a full breakdown of air fryer sizing and considerations here.

Safety Considerations

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that there are about 1,400 house fires happen in the US each year because of accidents with deep-frying on Thanksgiving alone.

A deep fat fryer with a temperature gauge and thermostat is certainly a safer option than an old-fashioned chip pan, but hot oil can still be dangerous, particularly where young children or the elderly are concerned.

With an air fryer, there is very little oil if any, so it’s a much safer method of cooking.


Whether you buy a deep fat fryer or an air fryer will depend on your own taste and circumstances; both types of appliance have pros and cons.

If you are a health-conscious family with members who need to watch their weight you will probably want to avoid deep-fried food.

Maybe you are attracted by what an air fryer can offer; they don’t just fry, but grill, bake and roast too. A deep fat fryer does only what its name implies.

If, on a regular basis, you must satisfy your craving for deep fried food, then I guess it will be a deep fat fryer for you every time.

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