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Cosori Air Fryer Review: Easy to use, clean & packed with features

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The best selling air fryer in the past 12 months, the Cosori air fryer is the market leading air fryer with a variety of cooking options, easy to use features, and easy to clean components.

The internet loves the Cosori Air Fryer! With thousands of machines sold and glowing reviews online, this Cosori machine is quite an enigma. 

But we have to agree, this air fryer is a cook’s best friend. The large 5.8-quart size is a bonus as it holds plenty yet will fit under a kitchen cabinet. It’s easy to clean, is non-stick and great for people who hate to wash dishes. 

The advanced touch panel, you do not need to make any cooking temperature and time calculations; the Cosori Air Fryer will do it for you. The next amazing thing is the 11 different cooking functions. With 11 cooking functions, you can easily cook French fries, frozen foods, poultry, steak, vegetables, bacon, shrimp, desserts, and more. 

Moreover, it comes with an additional alarm to remind you about tossing your food after a certain time. Another unique feature of the Cosori Air Fryer is that it comes with a simple button to warm your food until you are ready for your meal. 

Talking about the cooking basket, we have to admire this high quality, non-stick and detachable cooking basket. It not only cooks your food with less residue, but also makes it easier to clean after cooking.


  • The Cosori Air Fryer comes with a 5.8 Quart Square basket that allows you to fry at least 6 lbs of chicken at a time. As the basket is square in design, you can cook more at a time.
  • It’s a healthy gift for any foodie friend or family members. 
  • Because of its smaller footprint design, it fits easily on your countertop and saves you precious space as well.
  • When it comes to deep frying, it cooks food with 85% less fat. You get to experience the same crunchy, tasty food but without the same amount of oil.
  • 11 different functions to cook different foods in a single fryer.
  • Selecting your favorite choice of settings is really easy as well. Just a single touch of the panel button and you are done.
  • Cooking poultry, steak, seafood, bacon, shrimp, frozen foods, vegetables, French fries, root vegetables, desserts, bread, etc. becomes easy.
  • It comes with a nonstick basket that is easy to detach and easy to clean as well. You can even put the basket and other detachable parts in your dishwasher for a quick wash.
  • The product includes a recipe book that comes with 100 easy to cook, delicious, and original recipes.
  • Takes less time to cook similar items compared to any conventional oven yet you get to enjoy tasty and crispy food every time. You can choose to preheat the fryer as this will provide better results for sure. 


11 built-in Presets

The Cosori Air Fryer comes with 11 different pre-settings which make it really better than any other fryer machine. These different presets allow you to do a lot more than just fries. Whether you wish to prepare egg bakes, desserts, impressive side dishes, or roasted veggies, this is the fryer that you need. With the in-built 11 presets, you get extensive options that you can enjoy while cooking. 

One-Touch LED Panel

It includes an LED panel that makes decision making simpler and easier. The button present on the LED panel indicates clearly about your selections and makes it easy to choose different options with just a single touch. Once you make the necessary selections, the machine will do all the required calculations and will get to work. 

Preheating benefits

Even if you have used air fryers before, it is quite possible that you have never had the opportunity to have a preheating option. This is where this particular air fryer will amaze you. This feature not only heats food in less time, but helps in improving food texture as well. Preheating your food before you prepare it will take a maximum of 5 minutes while preheating on traditional ovens would have taken a lot more time than that. This definitely makes this fryer a time saver as well.

Keep warm & shake function

While frying your favorite food, it is essential that you shake them properly to get an even fry. The Cosori Air Fryer comes with that perfect reminder facility that allows you to shake your food at the right time. This means you can enjoy evenly fried food every time.

The Keep Warm functionality comes handy if you want to eat your food at a later time and wish to keep it warm until that time. With just a click of a button, the fryer will keep your food warm enough so that you can enjoy your favorite item hot when you eat.

Safe to wash in dishwasher

Unlike many other fryers, this particular air fryer from Cosori takes cleaning seriously. You can remove the basket and other parts from the fryer with ease and then put them in any dishwasher to clean them to perfection before next use.

Nonstick and detachable Basket

The basket included with this fryer is nonstick and detachable too. This facility incurs multiple benefits to be exact. Since it is nonstick in nature, the food you prepare won’t have much residue in the basket which means cleaning will be a lot easier. 

That apart, the basket being detachable in nature, makes it easier for you to put your food in and out of the fryer with ease and adds to cleaning benefits as well. 

Good Gift

This fryer makes fries with 85% less oil compared to any traditional fried food. It maintains the crispy, delicious taste yet delivers healthy food every time you cook. 


We tested the Cosori on steaks, bratwursts, frozen chicken nuggets and french fries. While grilling steaks was a bit difficult with the results incomparable to a deep-fryer. For an air-fryer, the result was not too bad. We recommend that you cook at 400 degrees for 8-12 minutes, depending on how you want it.

Cooking bratwursts was super easy and this might even be our favourite method of cooking it! Simply cook them at 370 degrees for 12-14 minutes. Do remember to flip them at the halfway mark. We were able to get an equivalent result to that of a stove with a great brownish color.

It’s just a fact that most of us buying a Cosori fryer are looking to use it on frozen foods! So it was really important for us that the Cosori do a great job on this aspect. We cooked chicken nuggets at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. You’ll be happy to know that the machine passed our test with the nuggets being crispy and brown. 

Same for the fries- now, they weren’t the same as deep-fried fries. But for an air-fryer one, they were quite good. Warm on the inside and crispy on the outside. Here’s a tip for you- Make sure you don’t stack the potatoes too high or toss them halfway if you’re not stacking them.

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Might not be ideal fryer for the large families

Normally, the Cosori Air Fryer can be used to cook a whole chicken that can serve at least 4 people. But if you want to make meals for large families, you will have to spend a long time if you are using this fryer. This fryer is an ideal choice for preparing snacks or some side dish if you have a large family or you entertain many guests regularly. It is not particularly ideal for preparing meals for many people at a time. 

Intuitive timer

The time button stops when you take the basket out to toss and then resets at the full minute when putting it back in. This can throw off cooking times if you open it many times. 

Pros Cons
  • 11 different functions for easy and comfortable cooking
  • Comes with a shake reminder which reminds you when you need to shake your food to fry properly
  • Comes with touch LED control panel which makes your cooking calculation-free
  • The basket is completely detachable and safe to wash in any dishwasher
  • It has a 1700W power rating which ensures faster cooking compared to any conventional oven
  • Temperature variation between 170 to 400°F 
  • Comes with required accessories
  • 2 year warranty from manufacturer
  • According to some users, this fryer tends to burn food more often than not
  • Bit louder than usual air fryers


So, if you are looking to buy an air fryer that comes with some awesome features and amazing functionalities, this particular model from Cosori can be a good choice. Although this particular Cosori Air Fryer is a bit more costly than other models available in the same category, it offers more than enough facilities than many other traditional ovens or air fryers. This is definitely one of the reasons to choose this product over others. Overall, this is a great product with different cooking options, easy to use features, and easy to clean facilities. As such, it is definitely worth the price that you pay. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this air fryer from Cosori today and start making your favorite dishes in less time!