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Aigerek Air Fryer


It’s no secret that fried food is many people’s guilty pleasure; and for good reason. Despite how cheap, delicious, and convenient it can be, too much fried food is a detriment to our health.

Doctors are urging people to adopt cleaner diets in order to prevent many of the health risks a high calorie diet can cause. However, it can be a little difficult (not to mention expensive) to switch to a different diet.

Luckily for fried food lovers, air fryers have been taking off in the kitchen appliance market in the recent years. Air fryers are ovens that can fry food with little to no oil with hot air and are typically described as being ‘fried food without the guilt’.

One of the most popular air fryers out right now is the Aigerek 3.2-liter air fryer. Check out the review below and see if this air fryer will be the newest addition to your kitchen.


The Aigerek air fryer has dimensions of 11 x 11 x 12.4 inches, making it a pretty good size so it can fit comfortably in your kitchen, even if you have a small one.

To have crispy fried food in a matter of minutes with the Aigerek air fryer, all you need to do is place the food in the removable bin, set the temperature and time, and let the machine do all the cooking and frying for you.

The bin is capable of holding 3.2 liters of food, enough for a family of four. Said bin is also dishwasher friendly, so you can clean up easily once all the cooking is done.

This air fryer has all the controls at the very top, as well as a circular screen for you to check out the temperature in big, red letters.


Dynamic AirFlow Technology

A lot of off-brand air fryers suffer from a serious design flaw: the hot air only hits one side of the basket, which results in one part of the food being well cooked while the other is undercooked due to not being exposed to the hot air. The only way to fix this issue was to get up every few minutes and stir the food yourself. This of course was troublesome for many.

However, the Aigerek air fryer has amazing AirFlow technology that prevents these annoying situations by circulating the hot air all around the basket, leaving no food undercooked.

Temperature and time control

Unlike other air fryers that have predetermined temperature settings, you can control the temperature from 160 degrees to 400 degrees, as well as control the time with a 30-minute timer. The timer will buzz to alert you when the food is done.

Automatic Shutdown

The Automatic Shutdown feature is a safety measure in which the air fryer will automatically shut itself off if no buttons are pressed 5 minutes after the buzzer goes off.

Cool Touch exterior

Another good safety feature is the cool exterior the housing unit for the basket has. This way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally burning yourself while the air fryer is at work.


The Aigerek air fryer comes with a cookbook, so you can try various recipes on the fryer.


The Aigerek is able to fry a large variety of food, such as French fries, chicken, frozen pizza rolls, pies, and more. With the AirFlow technology heating up the food evenly, you can have food that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside in a matter of minutes.

This air fryer works best with smaller pieces of meat than larger pieces. When cooking with meat, the pieces shouldn’t overlap. However, this shouldn’t stop you from cooking chicken with it. Although, you might want to reset the timer and fry it for a longer period of time than other dishes.

Depending on how dry the food is, you might want to spray it with a bit of oil before you place it in the basket, otherwise, the food might not taste as good as you would like. Of course, even with a bit of oil, air fryers allow you to eat with 80% less fat than traditionally deep-fried foods.

Final Thoughts

The Aigerek air fryer is great for first-time air fryer users and seasoned air fryer chefs alike. It’s simple to use, has many desirable features that facilitate the frying process, it’s safe, and it has the capacity for 3-4 people. The sleek, compact design allows for easy storage, and anybody who just wants a simple air fryer will find the affordable price very attractive. If you are ever stuck on what to cook, the recipe book has many easy meals you can try out.

Overall, this air fryer is great for anyone that wish to eat healthier without saying goodbye to their favorite fried snacks.

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